Tie Dye Pink Bath/Beach Towel



Organic Cotton Zero WasteTM Natural Dyed Tie Dye Pink Bath/Beach Towel

Super soft and highly absorbent bath towel made with 100% GOTS* certified Organic Cotton. Our cotton towels are bleached and dyed using our Patented Zero WasteTM Natural Dyeing process where we only use water, minerals, plants material and sunlight. We use no synthetic chemicals in our bleaching or dyeing process. Chemical dyeing processes use over 8000 different chemicals in its various stages and water as much as 40 times the weight of the fabric.

The towels are dyed manually using the popular tie dye technique to give them unique patterns. After the dyeing process is complete nothing is wasted – the solid and liquid waste is separated through the process of filtration. Since we use only plant material the solid material gets converted to manure and the liquid gets used for watering farms. For more information our dyeing process please read here.

Even the “eco-friendly dyeing” or “low impact dyeing” available on organic cotton is still being dyed using large amounts of chemicals and dyes but in permissible limits. So they may be LOW impact but certainly not NO impact.

Our Organic Cotton Tie Dye Pink Bath/Beach Towel is bleached using only sea salt, plant based non-GMO amylase and sunlight.  It is then dyed using Burnt Ash, Madder (Rubia cordifolia), Sea Salt.

Single Ply – 550 GSM, 30 inches by 60 inches

Certified Organic by  OneCert
*   gots
GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard.

Dimensions 60 x 30 in

Tie Dye Pink