Cedarwood Lotion Bar



Cedarwood Lotion Bar

We have handcrafted this lotion bar with pure, unrefined ingredients in their natural state to assure all natural benefits are retained. The combination of these all natural ingredients maximize moisturizing benefits leaving your skin soft and supple. This blend is quickly absorbed and has amazing healing elements. The bar allows a perfect thin layer of moisturizer that will melt into your skin. None of our lotion bars contain water, artificial additives or chemicals. Enjoy the great scent and healing elements. Pure. Simple. With Love.


Ingredients: Organic unrefined hand-milled coconut oil, coco butter unrefined, cold-pressed avocado oil, unrefined bee’s wax, Cedarwood 100% therapeutic grade pure essential oil.

Enjoy this product as a full body moisturizer. Contains two lotion bars.

Handmade, Made in USA, Hand inspected and packed, All natural, Biodegradable, No hidden ingredients, Non-GMO ingredients, Cruelty free (no animal testing). We make our lotion bars in small batches and are made from scratch.